Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Greyhound racing called a "dying sport' in report to Legislature

The Jacksonville Times Union has an article on a gaming new report to the Florida Legislature that reflects on the decline in interest in greyhound racing.  A copy of the July 1st report by the Spectrum Gaming Group is available as a pdf download at the Florida House of Representatives' website.  While the report covers gaming broadly, the portion devoted to greyhound racing (starting on page 83) contains quotes from several track operators about the losses associated with racing, which are made up for by the other gaming that tracks are allowed to provide if they continue running the races.  From the report:
It is a dying sport,” said Michael Glenn, general manager of the Palm Beach Kennel Club, one of the country’s premiere greyhound tracks. “Decoupling (removing the requirement for minimum performances) will help us in the short run as we would run fewer races which, in turn, will lower our operating costs. Our simulcast revenue will also increase, but there just are not enough folks out there to come to the track and wager on these races. There is not any interest.” PBKC would shut down the dog track if it could, Glenn said.

Jamie Shelton, CFO of Jacksonville Greyhound Racing, agrees with Glenn. He said that no matter what efforts are made to prop up the sport, interest is not there. “We can see it by our live handle. The older folks are not being replaced,” he said. “There are just too many other things to do out there today. Watching a greyhound race is not at the top of most people’s agenda.

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