Monday, June 14, 2010

Advances in Animal Law

Here's a link to an interesting article from the Examiner that points out a few interesting facts about the development of the field of animal law.  The author notes that ten years ago only nine law schools offered courses or training in animal law, but today more than 90 universities do so.  The author also states that professional interest in the field of animal law is outpacing demand.  Most new lawyers that have had this animal law training in school take jobs in firms that focus on other areas of law.  They only take animal law cases as pro bono work or when the rare opportunity arises in their practice area.

I agree with this sentiment generally.  I still know only a handful of attorneys that practice animal law exclusively and make ends meet.  However, I do think that the metrics on this are changing.  Given the number of people that write to me requesting free legal advice (please read my disclaimer) the demand is out there - potential clients just may not realize yet that animal law is no different than any other legal advice, i.e., you get what you pay for.

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In Vitro said...

Agreed and great post. In fact, I read somewhere that animal law was one of, if the the fastest growing area of scholarship. I couldn't find it, but here is another, similar link.

Unfortunately, the academic interest in animal law doesn't equate to job opportunities in the field. At any rate, this is GREAT news.

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