Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Training Law Enforcement to Spot Dogfighting

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is sending attorney Dana Campbell to provide training to the Daytona Beach Police Department on how to spot dogfighting operations.  The training is being held September 14th and is  offered through ALDF's Criminal Justice Program.   The News-Journal reports that the training also follows several high-profile dogfighting cases, including one initiated by a Volusia County Sheriff's Office drug bust where officer's discovered 32 pit bulls.


Dr Rosset said...

The group doing the advising is biased against bully dogs and the people who show and breed them for pets. Keep in mind that not everyone who has a treadmill, a dedicated training room, dog bowls, leashes and other dog equipment is in the business of dog fighting. So be sure before you accuse. And dog show people make sure you videotape any search of your premises and have on hand proof of your participation in the show ring. Several people have already been falsely accused in this country based upon dog breeding equipment as proof that this is a sign of dog fighting.

yiny said...

If you are not a prostitute why would you dress like one? If you still decide to dress like one, how would you expect the police to know for sure, that you are not one? If you give the signs, in most cases, you are one. If you want to breed dogs get a farm, and live away from people who do have 2 or 3 dogs, that are fed and cared and do not bark all day long, or cry during the entire night. There is not bias here. The right of one person begins where the rights of someone else's end. Animal abuse is a CRIME!! Just because you want to make "decent" money breading, it doesn’t mean you are not supporting criminals.

This is for DR. ROSSET