Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Humane Scorecard for Florida's federal legislators

The Humane Society Legislative Fund recently released its humane scorecard which provides a snapshot of how members of Congress rank on animal protection issues. In addition to listing legislative victories, the report scores Florida's Senators and House Representatives as to their voting record on animal issues. Out of a total score of 100, Senator Nelson scored 50, while Senator Martinez scored 17. On the House side, high scores were turned in by Representatives Klein and Wasserman-Schultz with scores of 92. Representative Stearns and former Representative Feeney ranked the lowest with scores of zero. A pdf of the full report on the 110th Congress is available at this link.


aApe said...

I've seen these for previous years. Thanks for posting.

I notice that Ander "I LOVE COCK fighting" Crenshaw kept true to form and earned a whopping 33%.

aApe said...

Sorry - just another comment.

I wrote Boyd (42%), and complained, and then called his Tallahassle office, and gave them an earful.