Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spay & Neuter bill introduced in Florida Legislature

There is more good news from the Florida Legislature regarding proposed laws to help animals. This past week, Representative Scott Randolph from Orlando introduced House Bill 451 that will require the sterilization of dogs & cats of specified age, with certain exceptions. It will also authorize counties and municipalities to enact ordinances requiring licensure of dogs & cats that are not sterilized.


Sue Becker said...

Thank you so much for introducing this bill. It is sorely needed. I am a volunteer with a local dog 501 C Rescue group. We take dogs from high kill shelters (most shelters have euthanasia rates of 90% or more). It is incredibly heartbreaking to have to walk through the hopeful faces at the shelter knowing we can only help a handful and the rest we must leave to die. There are too many animals, not enough homes and there is NO way we can adopt our way out of this mess. Why should animals have to pay the ultimate price (their lives) due to human irresponsibilty? I am proud and so very hopeful that Florida may be seen as a progressive humane model for other states to emulate. Please give this bill your consideration and support its passage. Thank you.

SueAlice said...

Sue Becker-
What you did not say was how many of the dogs in the shelter are unadoptable, strays,or dogs given up by their owners. or how may have been imported from out of the country.

Most breeders have a return policy in their contract and try to keep in touch with the people who have their dogs.

You did not discuss where are people going to get their next pet
if the cats and dogs are spayed and neutered.

If you want to encourage spay and neutering then have a law passed that will provide subsidized spay &
neutering at the local vets offices and shelters. young families and senior citizens should not have to choose between paying $300.00 or more to spay/neuter their pet, or to buy food,pay rent ect. Are you willing to say that only the middle class or the rich can have pets?

It would be a lot cheeper to help pay for spay/neutering than pay for
the bill that was introduced. Who is going to pay for the requirements in this bill.

Have you looked into who is behind this bill and their goal? have you even read the bill? It gives a represenitive of animal control the right to enter your property sedate your pet to examen it and they can take your dogs without a warrent. Isn't that a bit extreme for spay & neuter inforcement.
Did you look what will be equired of you as a shelter? you better look.
Things should not be taken at face value. they need to be looked to and to look at all sides.
Did you know that HSUS stated in their writting that their goal is to make domestic animals a thing of the past? did you know the money that goes to them does not go to the dogs or shelters? it goes
for legeslation like this hoping that no one will be aware of what is happening.

wake up!!
SueAlice Hamilton

Dog_Fighting_promotes_violent_crime said...

Of course the Republicans shot it down. However, not all is lost-a surcharge will be levied on all animal ordinance infractions which are to be applied toward low cost spay/neutering. It's better than nothing. I have repeatedly told the Florida law makers the DANGEROUS of the hordes of homeless animals-this was brought before them so if a rabies outbreak happens, which pretty much is inevitable considering millions of people throw their animals to the streets and woods, it will be on the law makers' heads when children get bitten by homeless and feral cats. Make no mistake-HOMELESS ANIMALS eat sick wildlife-bats, squirrels, etc that are rabid lose all fear of preditors-and become...docile. That's an easy meal.

Dog_Fighting_promotes_violent_crime said...

Spring is here and the cats are multiplying. People and law makers care about keeping their dog or cat sex organs intact and BREED BABY BREED! But when the kids start getting bitten by these homeless animals and packs of homeless dogs attack and kill children and pets-it WILL be on the Florida law makers' head. These issues were clearly brought up and they shot it down.

Ann Casper said...
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cetude said...

Here is the scoop-the low cost_free spay/neuter bill will be refiled for the 2010 session in the house and senate. Please voice your support by at least signing this Petition:

Anonymous said...

Sue Alice,
You wake up! There are already many low/no cost spay and neuter programs in place. Irresponsible, lazy people refuse to use them. There are far too many animals and far too few people to adopt them. As for your comment that asks "where are people going to get their next pet?" Well, gee, maybe they can go to a local shelter and choose one from the thousands that will otherwise be killed. Maybe a puppy or a kitten from one of the litters that were dumped unceremoniously at animal control. How about adopting the seven year old retriever that was well loved but his owner died? Let me give you some real numbers. In Hillsborough County last year, there were 29,000 that came in. ONLY 9,000 were adopted out. Many of these 20,000 were animals that were young, healthy and only wanting to be loved but they were killed. They died in fear and confused. They died because people don't want to be responsible and spay and neuter their pets (which costs $40.00 - $75.00 at the low cost clinics or is free to certain residents that can prove they are low income.) They died because back yard breeders are greedy and have no conscience regarding these lives. They died because people don't care. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Sue Alice Hamilton,
YOU WAKE UP!!! I can only surmise that you are either a breeder or just plain ignorant. There are already plenty of low/no cost spay neuter programs in place, There are not enough homes for the thousands of ADOPTABLE pets, therefore they are killed. As for where people are going to get "their next pet?", how about choose one from the thousands of doomed pets out there? One that was given up due to the economy. One from the litters that come in from irresponsible owners that dump them on the steps of animal control with no regard for what happens to them. Animals that have lost their families due to illness or death. Animals that at one time felt loved and safe and wonder what happened. True numbers. Hillsborough County took in 29,000 animals last year. ONLY 9,000 were adopted out.

Luke said...

You cannot possibly get a "mandatory spay/neuter" bill introduced in Florida-or possibly any State-it was tried last year and was shot down very quickly. However, we CAN get low cost spay/neuter legislation introduced - though true many low cost spay/neuter programs exist-they still are cost prohibitive. What I aim for is dirt cheap and free. So yes a low cost_free spay/neuter bill can only benefit animals. But forget about "mandatory" because it isn't going to happen. Not in our life time.

Luke said...

The low cost_free spay/neuter bill was introduced and died once again in the House and senate 2010. Sad. I really worked very hard on these bills. VERY hard. It's going to be reintroduced 2011, but I feel very self defeated - these law makers simply don't care about homeless animals (nobody does) and don't want to listen.
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