Saturday, November 8, 2008

Defenders of Wildlife release Conservation Agenda for Next Administration

On Wednesday, Defenders of Wildlife president Rodger Schlickeisen released a statement on the opportunities for the new administration to advance environmental issues. Here's a short part of his statement:
Under the Obama administration, with help from environmental leaders in Congress, we will have the opportunity to advance longstanding priorities including tackling global warming, safeguarding endangered species and better protecting wildlife on public lands. Taking decisive action on these issues will not only support a legacy of environmental protections, it will also help America's economy grow in a healthy, sustainable manner that works for all Americans.
DOW also released a new report entitled "Wildlife Conservation for the Next Administration," which you can read about here. A copy of the report is available for download here. The report calls on the new administration to:
  • End the political manipulation of science
  • Responsibly manage America’s federal lands
  • Safeguard America’s rarest plants and wildlife
  • Make America a leader in addressing global warming and its impacts
  • Restore America’s role as a global leader in wildlife conservation
  • Restore our connection to nature through education and proper stewardship of our shared federal lands
  • Encourage private landowners, states, and tribes to conserve wildlife and habitat
(Image: Ansgar Walk/CC)

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