Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008 Animal Law Conference Podcasts Posted

For those who could not make to the recent animal law conference in Oregon, the video podcasts of most of the sessions are now available for viewing at this link. Available sessions include:

Fighting Factory Farms: Alternative Approaches
Peter Brandt, Dan Kinburn, Charlie Tebbutt

Troubled Waters: Bringing International Attention to the Oceans’ Plight
Janis Searles Jones, Kim McCoy

Cruel Captivity: Animals in Entertainment
Adam Roberts, Suzanne Roy, Bruce Wagman

Sanctuaries & Shelters
Gene Baur, Wayne Geiger, Russ Mead

Do Animals Have it Better in Commonwealth Countries?
Mike Radford, Peter Sankoff

A Paradigm Shift in Animal Testing
Dr. Daniel Krewski, Dr. Paul Locke

Persons or Property? The Ideal Status of Animals
David Favre, Steve Wise

Military and Homeland Security Exemptions from Laws Affecting Wildlife
Jay Johnson-Castro, Sr., Zak Smith

Pandas in Peril: Advancing Animal Law in Asia
Paul Littlefair, Amanda Whitfort

Should the Animal Law Movement be Vegan?
Kathy Hessler, Peter Sankoff

World Religions & Animal Law
Lei’ohu Ryder, Paul Walda

(Tip of the hat to the Oregon Animal Law website)

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