Saturday, September 6, 2008

State growth endangers wildlife

The Herald Tribune has an article discussing a new report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission entitled "Wildlife 2060: What's at Stake for Florida?"
According to the article, the report found that population growth will consume wildlife habitat covering an area of 7 million acres-equivalent to the size of Vermont-during the next 50 years. Species like the Florida scrub jay, burrowing owl and gopher tortoise will be at highest risk.
FWC's website has a synopsis of the study and copy of the report is available as a pdf download here. The website also has a list of questions for consideration by Floridians:
  • Does your city or county have a local land acquisition program?
  • Are roads in your community being designed and located to accommodate the needs of wildlife?
  • Are you incorporating wildlife habitat conservation measures on your property?
  • Does your community view the management of its green infra-structure in the same way it does upkeep and management of public roads, buildings or bridges?
  • How does your community support prescribed burning of nearby public and private lands?
  • How is your community conserving coastal forests, dunes, beaches and wetlands?
  • How is your community safeguarding your region's water resources?
  • Is your community protecting shoreline access and working waterfronts?

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