Friday, July 25, 2008

New ordinance prevents dogs from riding in bed of pick-up trucks

Over the years while driving , I've witnessed several dogs jump to their death from the bed of pick-up trucks. That's why I was glad to see that Walton County has passed a new animal ordinance preventing dogs from riding in open bed vehicles. According to the article at the Walton Sun, dogs now have to be confined in a carrier or restrained by a minimum of two tethers attached to the vehicle and the collar of the animal. The new ordinance also punishes keeping animals in the bed of a pick-up truck when the temperatures are above 90 degrees or below 40 degrees and from keeping animals in the trunk of a vehicle or unattended in a vehicle without proper climate control.


Unknown said...

I would like to know if it is legal in Florida to tether your dog to a dog box on a trailer and drive down the interstate? Not in the bed of a truck, on a hitched trailer. said...

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