Sunday, July 20, 2008

Animal Law in Canada is a Hot Topic

The Globe and Mail in Canada ran an article this past week about the emergence of animal law as a "hot topic" in Canadian law schools. The article compares animal law to the environmental law movement in the 1970s and also quotes a Toronto lawyer comparing the idea of animal rights to being "like gay rights were 25 years ago. People sense this is going to be an area of importance in the future." The entire article is worth reading, but it ends with this choice quote:

"That's the excitement, in that a lot of the decisions haven't really been made yet," says Andrew Brighten, a McGill University law student with a clerkship this summer at the California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund. Though he's never considered himself a pet person, Mr. Brighten says he's drawn by the possibilities of animal law. The field appeals to his idealism, too.

"You can really feel good about what you're working on, and that you might be making a real difference," Mr. Brighten says. "Being a lawyer, I suppose, is inherently about representation, and animals are beings who are unable to represent themselves. ... So I think, as a lawyer, it's one of the best jobs you could have."

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