Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Animal Owners Seek Class Action Status in Suit Over Pet Food Additives has an article on a request for class certification in a lawsuit against pet food makers and retailers. The suit argues that the pet food companies are making false and deceptive claims about the ingredients that go into their pet foods:
Among the ingredients in most pet foods, the plaintiffs say, are "restaurant grease, road kill, hair, blood, pus, esophagi, chicken heads, feet and intestines, cow brains, excrement, fetal tissue, moldy grains, hulls, Styrofoam packaging from discarded supermarket meat, euthanized animals -- including dogs and cats -- and/or diseased dying, disabled and dead animals.
The article also quotes the lead plaintiff's attorney, i.e., Florida attorney Catherine MacIvor. See my previous post about the lawsuit here.

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