Sunday, April 6, 2008

Florida dog tracks may face more scrutiny

The cover story of this month's Animal Sheltering magazine features an article entitled "A Losing Bet: Greyhound Racing’s Impact On Shelters." The full article is available at this link in pdf format. The article focuses on the large number of unwanted dogs that are typically bred by puppy mills and the impact that this has on both the dogs and animal shelters. It's an interesting article and I highly recommend it in its entirety. Late last month, the Miami Herald ran a similar story describing abuses in the greyhound racing industry.

According to the Herald article, Florida is attempting to curb some of the worst abuses associated with greyhound racing. Senate Bill 590, currently pending in the Florida Legislature, would require the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering to adopt rules governing the humane treatment of racing animals at pari-mutuel facilities. According to a staff analysis accompanying the bill, the division believes that it currently lacks the "authority needed for the humane treatment of racing animals" and has "indicated that it cannot conduct the inspections needed to supervise the welfare of the racing animals without the consent of the owners of the racing animals." The changes to the law would add rulemaking authority for the humane treatment of racing animals and give the division the ability to inspect any area at a pari-mutuel facility where racing animals are housed or maintained, including where food, medications, or other supplies are kept.

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