Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bestiality bill having trouble finding support

The Palm Beach Post reports that there is little interest in the bill pending in the Florida legislature that would have Florida join the majority of states in the country that ban bestiality. Senate Bill 744 and its companion bill in the house, House Bill 1227, would make it a felony to have any contact with an animal for the purpose of sexual gratification. The bill's sponsor, Senator Nan Rich, is quoted in the story as having had difficulty getting the bill moving, perhaps because of the subject matter:
But Rich has not been able to get the bill before a committee. She has asked Sen. Paula Dockery, chairwoman of the criminal justice committee, to take it up. Dockery could not be reached for comment.

The taboo subject and graphic nature of the acts may be the reason the bill seems to be stalled, Rich said.

"I think there's a discomfort for people about discussing this," Rich said. "We don't understand why. People are very comfortable up here discussing sexual predators. Well, this is sexual predator."

Those Floridians interested in letting legislators know that they support the passage of the bill should click here to check out the action alert page at the Humane Society of the United States.

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