Saturday, March 8, 2008

Washington Lawyer: Cover Story on Animal Law

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the latest copy of my Washington Lawyer magazine in the mailbox. The March 2008 issue has a detailed cover story, which is also available online, all about the field of animal law. The whole article is well-worth reading, but here's a quick teaser from the intro:
Whether it was the deluge of media coverage of headline-grabbing stories such as the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal and the Menu Foods recall, or the more tabloid-friendly accounts of billionaire Leona Helmsley leaving $12 million to her white Maltese in her will, and Ellen DeGeneres breaking a contract with a dog rescue group, animal-related stories took center in 2007.
But while the issues raised by these incidents may be unfamiliar to the majority of the public, they are well known to the growing number of lawyers who battle within the legal system on behalf of animals.

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