Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vets must put microchips in pets, state says

The Palm Beach Post reports on the decision by the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine to require a licensed veterinarian to implant microchips in pets. According to the article, shelters will still be allowed to microchip pets put up for adoption, but will no longer be able to offer low cost or free microchipping services without a licensed vet implanting the chip. From the article:

Shelter executives have argued that they have provided the chips - about the size of a grain of rice - to thousands of animals for years without incident. They worry that their inability to provide free or low-cost microchips to pet owners will seriously reduce the number of animals receiving microchips, resulting in more animals ending up in shelters.

"We are restricted more than what we thought and it will stay that way," said Dr. Brian Huntsman, medical director for the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

His organization and many others use veterinary techs out in the field to implant microchips in dogs and cats that have owners.

Shelter owners also worry that the board's decision to let the law stand as it is without specifically addressing the microchip issue will continue to create confusion.

"We are still very concerned about what this means for disaster response and recovery," said Jennifer Hobgood, Florida State Director Southeast Regional Office of the Humane Society of the United States. "When we come into the state and everything has been blown away and we need to track these animals, what does that mean? This is a problem and it's something the legislature needs to address."


About Me said...

Has anyone ever heard of a collar and tag? This is just another problem reaction solution technique be the control freaks of the world to ease us into microchipping. Media hype on disasters and lost pets, imposing guilt on good people and offering up the solution acheiving the results they wanted to acheive all the while. Go ahead and be lead around like sheeple. If you accept this madness you deserve what's coming next.

the tigger said...

I wonder if 'about me' has ever heard the word CAT!!!

CritterCare said...

About me, collars and tags can be put on any animal, it doesn't mean a thing! Being in rescue/humane society and animal control business for over 30 yrs tells me that the board isn't thinking about the whole (Pets owned and not owned), they are thinking about their own pockets. There is no legitimate reason(s) for this law and it all boils down to the board wanting to line the veterinarians pockets! I currently own/operate a veterinary clinic and I DO NOT agree with this law in any way shape or form! To save a pet I will implant a microchip at a low cost or free and I will enjoy every moment of it because I KNOW I am saving that animals life, and not lining my own pocket!
For shame on the board and those who allowed this ridiculous and dangerous for the pets law! For Shame!

Robert F. Crocker said...

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CritterCare said...

Well, wasn't that helpful! I still am totally against this insane law! This law WILL KILL ANIMALS BY THE MILLIONS!!!!!
I have sent dogs home after being missing for OVER 5 YEARS!! This was only possible because those animals(over 100 count) were chipped by techs and shelter workers that were TRAINED BY THE ID CHIP COMPANY for proper placement for the implants!
How can you rectify that!?!?!
Poll the shelters, you will KNOW WHAT IS NEEDED after you SEE