Sunday, March 2, 2008

Florida legislators get poor marks on humane scorecard

The Humane Legislative Fund published their Humane Scorecard midterm report on the 110th Congress on Friday. You can download a copy of the report here (pdf) and read additional commentary on the report here from the Animal & Politics blog. Sadly, although there were 31 Senators and 100 Representatives covering 38 states that either led as prime sponsors of pro-animal legislation or scored a perfect 100, there were none from Florida with a perfect score.

On the Senate side the report tracked cosponsors of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, the Pet Safety and Protection Act, and the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. Senators were also credited for being the prime sponsor of animal friendly legislation and for signing on to a funding letter to the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee seeking funds for enforcement of the AWA, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and federal animal fighting law, as well as for new programs to address the needs of animals in disasters and to ease a shortage of veterinarians in rural and inner-city areas and public health practice through student loan forgiveness. On the items tracked in the report, Senator Nelson scored 50%, while Senator Martinez scored a dismal 0%.

On the house side, the report tracked cosponsors of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, the Dog and Cat Fur Prohibition Enforcement Act, and the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. It also considered member votes to restore the prohibition on commercial sale and slaughter of wild horses and burros and to bar federal funding that enables imports of sport-hunted polar bear trophies from Canada. While several representatives scored 0%, the high water marks were Representatives Wasserman-Schultz and Wexler with 83%.


Animal Welfare Institute said...

I also suggest you visit AWI's Compassion Index (, an interactive legislative tracking and action center. This site is updated as actions take place and presents a similar grim picture of the proactive positions for many legislators on animal welfare legislation.

Rep. Wexler has the highest CI ranking in Florida while both Senators have a 0. Only four members of the Senate acheive a 100% while only 14 out of 435 receive a 100% in the House.

Everyone should visit and contact your representatives and urge them to support the important animal protection legislation currently before the Congress. You can check the site daily to see if they have taken action.

Riley said...

Thanks! I'll put this info in a post of its own.