Friday, February 22, 2008

Senators push for passage of bestiality bill

I'd posted previously about proposed legislation barring bestiality in Florida. WPTV reports here on the proponents of the bill. The article notes contains a number of quotes from an investigator who are frustrated with the current state of the law and a previous attempt to pass similar legislation from Senator Dave Aronberg, one of the bill's proponents:
You can tell a lot about a society by how it treats its animal population and on that front, Florida has failed," says Florida Senator Dave Aronberg.
. . .

Senator Aronberg has pushed to get a beastiality law in the state, and he's been shot down.

He'll support a new attempt this year by Senator Nan Rich out of Sunrise.

Aronberg expects that legislation will also fail. He says even though the crime is shocking, what's more shocking is that the state isn't doing anything about it.

"You're dealing with a lot of legislators from rural North Florida who are worried that the language in this well-intended statute could impinge on their farming or rodeos or other things done in rural areas."

"How does rodeo or farming have anything to do with beastiality?" asks Holmes.

"To me it has nothing to do with any of those," says Aronberg.

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Luke said...

The beastility bill died during the 2010 session as well, as did the bill which would have help fund low cost_free spay/neutering from animal cruelty/animal ordinance violations surcharges. It's a republican dominated State and they apparently approve of beastility and animal cruelty by not passing these bills.
It costs Floridians $94 million in 2008 alone to fund animal control killing hundreds of thousands of companion animals; there are FIVE MILLION stray and feral cats and it's breeding season. ALL of these facts were brought before our Florida law makers and they killed these bills.