Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Orlando Weekly on "Foie Gras Flap"

In 2006, Chicago banned the sale of foie gras based on animal welfare concerns, as reported here by the Humane Society of the United States. The Orlando Weekly published a story late last month on the sale of foie gras by certain restaurants in Orlando. The story notes that chefs from restaurants selling it are "united" and point to other factory farm practices as being equally cruel. Those comments prompted this response from a spokesperson from the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida:
Nick Atwood, campaigns coordinator for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, dismisses such notions, charging those who profit from animal abuse are quick to point the finger elsewhere. “The fact that animals are suffering worse somewhere else doesn’t make it OK for you to abuse an animal. If chefs who serve foie gras believe chickens suffer abusive treatment, I would encourage them to experiment with egg- and chicken-free dishes.”
He adds, “I agree that the suffering of chickens in egg farms is a bigger problem, both in terms of numbers and severity of abuse. But the campaign against foie gras is unique in that foie gras is an expensive appetizer, a luxury item. You’ll never hear someone say they use foie gras to feed their family. The culinary adventures of wealthy foodies cannot justify the suffering of thousands of ducks and geese each year.”
For those looking for a foie gras-free dining experience, Orlando's first vegan restaurant, Ethos Vegan Kitchen, is now an option.

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