Tuesday, February 19, 2008

News on Nubs

Be sure to check out this story in the Tampa Bay Tribune about a Florida soldier's rescue and adoption of a dog from Iraq. Nubs the dog was rescued by Marine Maj. Brian Dennis who worked on getting him out of the war zone and back to the United States. As noted in the story, Nubs has faced a good deal of adversity having had his ears cut off as a puppy and later been stabbed with a screwdriver. Maj. Dennis was able to nurse Nubs back to health and when Dennis's unit relocated, Nubs tracked him down traveling more than 70 miles to the soldiers' new location. From the article, Dennis explains where Nubs got his name:
Dennis named the dog Nubs because an Iraqi cut off most of the animal's ears when he was a puppy. Dennis asked the man who did it why he committed such a cruel act.

"He told me it was to make him tough and more alert, and to make him hear better," Dennis wrote. "I pulled my combat knife off of my gear and told my interpreter to ask him how he'd like it if I cut off his ears ... you know, to make him tougher ... more alert. He laughed nervously and I just stared at him."

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