Sunday, February 3, 2008

Large numbers of animals found in "deplorable conditions"

Several stories of alleged animal hoarding/neglect have been reported in recent days. First, the St. Pete Times Breaking News Blog reported here on a story where police served a search warrant on a man and in the process discovered 22 dogs, three cats and a Burmese python snake living in what they termed "deplorable conditions.''

Also from the Breaking News Blog, was this story about Hillsborough Animal Services seking a search warrant to enter the abandoned home after puppies and kittens were found escaping from windows. Upon execution of the search warrant, several news outlets, including Fox Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Online, and ABC Action News reported that 30 animals were found inside and that the suspects in the case have been accused of animal neglect previously.

Finally, the Sun-Sentinel reported here that the Broward Sheriff's Office found at least 55 animals from an Oakland Park home.

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