Wednesday, February 27, 2008

L.A. adopts new spay and neuter requirements

CNN reports here on Los Angeles' new animal ordinance that requires companion animals to be spayed or neutered by four months. The ordinance aims at eliminating the thousands of euthanizations that take place every year at L.A. animal shelters. For the first offense, a person is given information on low-cost spay and neuter options and 60 days to have it done. Failure to comply leads to $00 fine and 8 hours of community service. A subsequent offense can result in up to a $500 and 40 hours of community service. The story also quotes Bob Barker formerly from the Price is Right:
"The next time that you hear me say, 'Help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered,' I can add, 'It's the law in Los Angeles."

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