Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Additional resources on alternatives to animal testing

A couple of days ago, I'd posted a link to the audio of a seminar entitled "Alternatives to Toxicity Testing in Animals: What a Changing Regulatory Landscape Will Mean for Lawyers, Scientists, and Animal Activists" that took place back in December.

A reader posted some additional resources for those interested in the topic. First, is the website AltTox at http://www.alttox.org/, which is "dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing through online discussion and information exchange." In particular, the reader noted that the forums at AltTox contain a good deal of information. The website describes them as follows:
AltTox.org Forums are interactive communication platforms intended to encourage the exchange of ideas and information. The Forums provide an opportunity for stakeholders in industry, government, academia, and non-governmental organizations to establish an online community to discuss challenges and opportunities to advance various aspects of non-animal methods for toxicity testing. The AltTox Management Team envisions the Forums as a driving force for change.
Second, is the AltWeb, at http://altweb.jhsph.edu/, which is associated with The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. Alt web is described as a great clearinghouse for information on alternative testing.

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