Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Florida Legislative Session Roundup: House

A few days ago, I'd posted links to the bills that have been introduced on the Senate side for the upcoming legislative session. Here's a similar list for the house with links to bill information. While its buried at the end, note the recent filing of a bill designed to prevent the cruel restraint of dogs. I'll mention it in a separate post as well, but it's definitely worth checking out. Also, some of these bills are are companion pieces to similar bills in the Senate:
  1. House Bill 101 - Relating to Dangerous Dogs - Eliminates prohibition of breed-specific local government regulation of dangerous dogs.
  2. House Bill 119 - Relating to Sexual Activities Involving Animals - Provides definitions; prohibits knowing sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal; prohibits specified related activities; provides penalties.
  3. House Bill 179 - Relating to Artificial Reefs - Provides legislative findings with respect to state's artificial reef program; authorizes planning & development of statewide matching grant program to secure & place U.S. Maritime Administration & U.S. Navy decommissioned vessels in specified waters as artificial reefs; provides for administration of program by FWCC; provides for implementation of program subject to appropriations; provides objectives of program; provides for establishment of Florida Ships-2-Reefs Program by FWCC; provides purposes of program; specifies percentage of state matching grant; provides procedures & requirements with respect to program; authorizes FWCC to adopt rules; provides for reports; authorizes provision of funds under program contingent upon appropriation.
  4. House Bill 219 - Gertrude Maxwell Save a Pet Act - Designates act "Gertrude Maxwell Save a Pet Act"; creates direct-support organization for DACS to prevent animal cruelty, assist pet overpopulation management, & reduce need for euthanasia of animals; provides for organization & operation of such organization; provides for contract & board of directors; provides for use of property, facilities, & personal services of DACS by organization; provides restrictions; provides for deposit of moneys; provides for annual audit; provides limits on organization; specifies inapplicability of potentially conflicting provision of law.
  5. House Bill 305 - Equine Activities - Designates act "Nicole Hornstein Act"; provides intent; defines "equine"; requires certain minors to wear helmets when riding equines in certain locations; provides helmet requirements; requires persons renting or leasing equines for riders under specified age to provide helmet if rider does not have one; prohibits parent or guardian of minor under specified age from authorizing or permitting minor to engage in certain conduct; provides criminal penalties; provides exceptions.
  6. House Bill 917 - Relating to Service Animals - Expands "service animal" definition to include any animal being trained or being raised for training at future date to perform tasks for disabled individual; provides that person training or raising animal for service animal training has same rights & privileges to public facility access & same damage liability as disabled person accompanied by service animal; provides that such rights & privileges extend to volunteer who raises puppies for service animal training if certain conditions are met.
  7. House Bill 1009 - Quarter Horse Race Meetings - Removes provisions for application to Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering for permit to conduct quarter horse race meetings; removes provisions for granting license to conduct quarter horse racing; removes provision for governance & control of quarter horse racing; removes requirement for intertrack wagering to be conducted by quarter horse permitholder.
  8. House Bill 1023 - Restraint of Dogs - Defines term "restraint that unreasonably limits dog's movement"; prohibits leaving dog outside & unattended by use of restraint that unreasonably limits dog's movement or when specified severe weather warnings have been issued.

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