Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hunting becoming a thing of the past published this letter to the editor critiquing the Florida Wildlife Commission's position and promotion of racoon hunting. The letter from Joe Miele, vice-president with CASH, makes a number of observations worthy of consideration:

Raccoon hunting in Florida is a largely unregulated activity. For only $17 – the cost of a hunting license –hunters may kill as many of the animals as they want, all year-round. Where is the science in an unlimited slaughter such as this? Where is the sport in unleashing dogs to chase terrified raccoons up trees, only for hunters to shoot them dead from just a few yards away? Shooting a treed raccoon seems about as challenging as hitting the broad side of a barn.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission promotes raccoon hunting not because the practice has any conservation value, but because it profits from the sale of hunting licenses and the collection of excise taxes affixed to the cost of weapons, ammunition and hunting equipment. Thankfully, the outlook for the future of sport hunting is bleak, given that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service statistics show that the number of hunters throughout the country has declined by almost 11% since 1996.

Since hunters are dying or otherwise dropping out of the sport faster than new hunters can be replaced, it behooves the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to change the way it does business to ensure that its’ existence will continue for a long time to come. Instead of relying upon the revenue generated by hunting, the Commission should shift its focus and promote wildlife watching programs instead of the violence of hunting. Wildlife watching is the dominant form of wildlife-related outdoor recreation in the state, and the number of Florida residents who feed, photograph, or otherwise observe wildlife has increased by more than 15% since 1996.


Dave said...

The person who who wrote this about terrified animals chased up a tree, obviously does not like to hunt!
Go save the trees or something else and leave the boys with their sports alone, or maybe u could be politely told quite!

Mike said...

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mickeyd said...

Man where do I start with these people!!!O.K. lets start with that coons destroy the nests and prey upon,sea turtles ,gopher turtles,did I mention these are endangered?Wild Turkey and alligator nests and young.Also not all coon hunters kill the coons,they pull the dogs off the tree so there will be coons to hunt in the future.And did I mention the millions of dollars in crop damage that coons are responsible for each year.So just sit behind your desk,sip your martini and while your kids are out doing drugs,in prison or getting pregnant, mine will be outdoors coon hunting...Everyone please remember...hunt with your children,not for them!

Mike said...

There has to be something wrong with people who get pleasure of killing.

Mike said...

There has to be something wrong with people who get pleasure of killing.

Mike said...

There has to be something wrong with people who get pleasure of killing.

antonio said...

i own two jagdterrier and want put them on coon hunting i live in Miami and able to drive if some one need a hunting partner let me know you can email me

Jason said...

Killed one tonight as it was eating one of my chickens. Shot it with a pellet gun.

messi said...


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