Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Senator Robert Byrd named PETA's person of the year

I'm up in West Virginia visiting family for the holidays. As such, it seemed appropriate to congratulate the Mountaineer State's senior senator, Robert Byrd, upon being named PETA's person of the year. PETA's blog references a number of positions that Senator Byrd has taken on behalf of animals. Of particular note, was a quote from 2001 regarding a bill addressing cruelty to farm animals:
"Our inhumane treatment of livestock is becoming widespread and more and more barbaric. Six-hundred-pound hogs—they were pigs at one time—raised in 2-foot-wide metal cages called gestation crates, in which the poor beasts are unable to turn around or lie down in natural positions, and this way they live for months at a time. … These creatures feel; they know pain. They suffer pain just as we humans suffer pain."

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