Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Real Men Neuter"...

according to new posters being unveiled by Palm Beach County to encourage pet sterilization. As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, the posters will be placed in veterinarian offices, government buildings and libraries, as well as on at least one highway billboard. The county is trying to address an increasingly dire pet overpopulation problem where upwards of 30,000 animals a year are placed in county-run shelters, with the majority put to death. The article includes quotes from a veteran animal control officer:
"Every day we get boxes of puppies and kittens," said David Walesky, a veteran animal control officer featured in the poster with his arm around Cutter, a neutered pit bull. "Our facility has more or less become a dumping ground. We're willing to do anything that will reduce the number of [unwanted] animals."
As posted here previously, Palm Beach County is in the process of considering a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance to address its unwanted pet problems.

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