Thursday, December 6, 2007

Police arrest man who kept 19 cats in apartment

The Daytona Beach Journal reports on the arrest of a man that was apparently keeping 19 cats in his apartment. According to the article, two more cats were found dead in cages, and the man's former neighbors reported to the police additional dead cats were taken from his prior residence. The rest of the article details the deplorable conditions found inside the homes. The man is being charged with felony animal cruelty, and being cited for other violations, but a quote at the end of the article from another neighbor caught my eye: "He told me he liked to hoard things and that he couldn't let them go."

Meanwhile, today the St. Pete Times breaking news blog reports that 70 cats are being taken from a Tarpon Springs home.

See this prior post and the links within for the problems associated with animal hoarding. Check out the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium's website for reports and resources on the issue.

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