Sunday, December 23, 2007

Greyhound racing dying out in Florida

The News-Press has an interesting article on the difficulty Florida's dog racing industry is having staying afloat. At one time there were close to 30 greyhound racetracks in Florida. That number has dwindled to 13.

In addition to competition from the Florida lottery and casino gambling, the article also cites disinterest on the part of young people and pressure from animal groups as a cause for the decline.

The article also quotes Susan Netboy, founder and president of the Greyhound Protection League, who is happy the younger generation doesn’t have the time for greyhound racing:
“Young people recognize it’s exploiting the dogs and won’t spend their money there,” she said. “And it’s too boring for them. Betting on greyhounds takes time and the only people who have time to bet the dogs are the old-timers — and they’re not going to be around for much longer.

“If the greyhound tracks get slot machines, they might survive. Without them, they’ll be gone in 10 years,” Netboy said.

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