Sunday, December 9, 2007

FWC meeting about more than manatees

The press coverage of the recent Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting in Key Largo focused primarily on the decision to delay any move to take the manatee off the endangered species list. Nevertheless, there were other items of interest on the agenda. The FWC's press release on what was accomplished at the meeting is available here. Also, Florida Today details a few of the non-manatee items in this article, such as:
  • Approval of the new rule that requires owners of Class I animals to notify FWC immediately if an animal escapes.
  • Proposal of a new rule to modify the legal dimensions of black sea bass traps.
  • Consideration of a wide range of issues impacting lobsters, some of which can be addressed by FWC through rule changes and some of which will need action by the Legislature.

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