Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cool resource for the practitioner

Anyone who has been frustrated by the spotty coverage of animal protection laws in the left hand column of this blog should check out this link at the Animal Legal Defense Fund's website. At least for the time being, they are offering a free download of their updated Third Edition of "Animal Protection Laws of the United States of America & Canada." It contains approximately 2,900 pages of materials on general animal protection and related statutes for all of the states, principal districts and territories of the United States of America, and for all of Canada. It also is fully searchable.

Here's some of the advertised categories:

• General prohibitions
• Animals covered by definition
• Classification of crimes
• Penalties (including a table of maximum penalties)
• Exemptions
• Counseling / Evaluations
• Community Service
• Restitution / Reimbursement of Costs / Bonding & Liens
• Seizure / On-site Supervision
• Forfeiture / Possession
• Cross Enforcement / Reporting
• Veterinarian Reporting / Immunity
• Law Enforcement Policies
• Sexual Assault
• Fighting
• Full-text of all referenced statutes

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