Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Class trains Milwaukee Police to recognize animal abuse

Although this story originates outside of sunny Florida in the cold northern tundra of Wisconsin (I'm testing to see if anyone from Wisconsin is reading), an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shows that Wisconsinites can teach the rest of the country a thing or two about fighting animal cruelty. The article describes a class that trains Milwaukee police officers to recognize and pursue crimes against animals. The head of the Milwaukee domestic animal control commission, who formulated the class and is quoted in the article, thinks the class should be taught at every city in the country:
"Animal abuse is a crime and should be recognized as important. . . . A lot of people say it's just dogs. But there are all kinds of studies that show a direct link between animal and human violence."
I agree - let's hope we start seeing more of these types of classes taught in Florida cities.

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