Sunday, December 2, 2007

Animal advocates warn against giving pets for holidays

There have been a number of articles regarding the upcoming holiday season and the plans of some to give pets as gifts. In addition to those mentioned in the post below, the Orlando Sentinel published an article about animal advocates warning against giving pets as gifts. Consumers should not give an animal as a gift unless they are certain that the recipient is ready to make the long term commitment that comes with caring for a companion animal.

The article also mentions the Humane Society of the United States' first Puppy Mill Action Week campaign, which lasted from November 25 through December 1st. The purpose of the week isto educate consumers about the deplorable conditions of animals raised in commercial animal-breeding operations that supply some pet sellers. Consumers are urged to scrutinize the source of their pet before purchase. Moreover, participants are pushing for local, state and federal officials to draft better animal-welfare regulations and enforce existing laws. More information is available at PETA's Helping Animals website and HSUS's Stop Puppy Mills website.

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