Friday, December 14, 2007

17-Foot Python Found By Florida Highway

First Coast News reports here on the discovery of a 17 foot python in Vero Beach. The story contains a warning from a pet store owner about getting a snake as a pet:
"I don't believe they're a good pet. When they get bigger, some of these snakes can get 22 feet...there's no commercial habitat, which means you have to build one," [Kim Lafferty] said.

Lafferty admits reptile owners, after just a few years, often end up with reptiles simply too big.

She says you can't sell them without a license, and most zoos, animal shelters and pet shops don't want them.

"You're very limited in what you can do, and most people will release them into the wild."

A new law set to go into effect in January will require some exotic species of reptiles and other animals to be registered and even have microchip implants so they can be tracked back to their owners if released.

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