Saturday, November 24, 2007

Volusia County considering mandatory spay/neuter ordinance

The Daytona Beach News Journal has an article describing Volusia County's consideration of mandatory spay and neuter requirements for pets. The article notes that county attorneys have started looking at similar laws in other areas, and the Animal Control Board is considering various options for next year. In 2006 alone, the largest shelter in the county euthanized more than 11,000 unwanted animals. Proponents of mandatory spay and neuter ordinances note that the laws reduce the number of animals killed in addition to saving taxpayers money in costs related to dealing with large numbers of unwanted pets.


clearview68 said...

You want to reduce the amount of animals that get killed each year? Then STOP KILLING THEM! There should be a mandatory law proposed against the killing of innocent animals. There's no reason for it, and it's just simply cruel.

delandanimallover said...

Why should the responsible pet lovers that keep up with our pets licenseures and shots every year, be punished for those irrepsonsible owners? Our 2 dogs stay in their own home & yard and are AKC and some day in the futre we may want to breed them.

sheila said...

Since most dogs that end up in shelters are bought from pet stores by people who have no clue, this bill will only put out of business the few good small breeders there are in the state. We cannot legislate what is a moral issue. We can educate, and I do all the time. But we cannot make law to make people behave responsibly. This will only drive underground the few good small breeders there are in the state of Florida.

KBlaix said...

I don't know all of the details and this post is well over a years old, but I do think a spay/neuter law would be a GREAT thing if done right. If a person could provide all of the necessary paperwork (and I'd hope that it would be extensive) to prove that he/she was a responsible breeder then he/she should be allowed to get a license to breed the dog/ dogs he/she has a permit to breed.

Clearview68- Sadly there is a reason so many animals are put down. The reason is there are too many unwanted animals and no homes for them. If they don't have a home and the shelters are full then putting the animals down is the only humane thing to do. The animal is better off being put down then to live it's life in an over crowded shelter where there isn't enough food or love for these pets. In a perfect world every pet would have a loving home and putting them down wouldn't even be an option, sadly that's not the case... yet! By getting the majority of pets spayed/neutered in time maybe that dream can be accomplished.

delandanimallover- A responsible owner would understand that having a dog AKC certified really means nothing and that alone doesn't give you the "right" to breed. What you described is what's commonly referred to as a "backyard breeder" (yes, even if your pet is kept in the house). Backyard breeders are the ones who need to be stopped. A good pet owner and a good breeder are far far from the same thing. A good breeder will also be a good pet owner. However being a good pet owner does not mean you should breed your pet. Very few dogs or cats are "good enough", health wise, to be a good breeder. Most unaltered pets can produce offspring, but that's nowhere near what it should take to be a breeder.

Sheila- I agree with you, for the most part. I'd hope that a spay/neuter law would allow for responsible and reputable to continue to do what they love. I'd hope that a law would help further those few good breeder in bettering the breed they love so much. I agree that educating people on spaying/neutering is the best way, but a law would help too.

Carolina said...

Please. Spaying and Neutering should be a law!!!!!!! If you don't agree come to Miami. Take a visit to our local shelters. Go early in the morning and then in the evening, then decide if we should have spaying and neutering a law. It is a massacre here. And the problem are not the shelters, The problem are the owners. Whoever says that it is an atrocity to set a law that will have people spay and neuter their pets, please don't do it from your cozy couch in your laptop. Do it after you have bagged 50 dead dogs in one day. Is easy to think what people should or should not do from the comfort of home. It is easy to defend breeders if you have never gone to a puppy mill and is easy to create an ideal world from your couch. We need to spay and neuter soon and many. I've seen the dead dogs and I have clean the crap of pure breed 2 month old puppies that were gonna die. So get off your cozy butts and plan a humane world for kids, pets and the elderly with common sense and compassion. Please pass a law that would decrease these massive numbers.

doggydogooder said...

I think it is horrible, the amount of unwanted and mistreated animals in this world, but I do have one solution to possibly slow down and even close puppy mills to stop the over population of dogs.

If there was a law that was made to say that a female dog or cat could only breed so many times in her life time say 3 times and males maybe up to 5 then maybe the puppy mills would go out of business and then lessen the amount of puppies. Hopefully then only caring individuals would produce a litter on occasion. This is by far not a quick solution, but a solution to cruelty and unnecessary population of unwanted animals