Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shelter Expands To Help Pets Of Abuse Victims

According to News 4 in Jacksonville, a Clay County domestic violence shelter that helps children and women will expand to accept more pets as well. The Quigley House's pet facilities are one of the largest of this kind in Florida. In the article, the executive director of the shelter notes being aware of victims that would not come to the shelter because of their pets. Often abusers use the pets as leverage or will abuse pets as a means of threatening their human victims. The shelter is holding a fund raiser to help pay for the expansion on December 1st.

It is well settled that there is a link between the abuse of animals and domestic violence. It is increasingly recognized that fear about what abusers will do to pets left behind can keep victims in abusive situations. Hopefully more Florida shelters will be adding this as an option.

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