Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two arrests made in cockfighting raid

A raid by law enforcement in Lake County turned up 337 roosters allegedly being used in cockfights. The Orlando Sentinel reports that officers also seized spurs, gaffs, sharpening stones, restraints, carrying cases, steroids, other illegal narcotics and $6,000 in cash. Two men were arrested in connection with the case. Lake County Judge Richard Boylston authorized animal-control officers euthanize the roosters, which are too aggressive to keep as pets and cannot be eaten because they were injected with steroids. The story also quotes Martin Mersereau, a supervisor of the cruelty casework division for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:
"It's a miserable life" for fighting roosters, he said. "They're drugged, they're made aggressive, they're mutilated. They're strapped with spikes and blades and put into a ring to maim and kill each other. The losing animals are thrown into a heap bleeding on each other and slowly dying. The winner is used again and again until the day they lose."

More reports on the arrests here, here, and here.

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