Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Puerto Rico's justice department proposes strengthening animal cruelty laws

Findlaw reports on the Justice Department of Puerto Rico's proposal to strengthen animal cruelty laws in response to the outcry over the killing of numerous pets earlier this month. Animal activists and protesters called for the changes after a number of dead and wounded dogs and cats were discovered underneath a tall bridge in the town of Barloneta a day after a mass round up of pets and strays in the town. Pet owners who allegedly were forced to hand over their animals or face eviction filed a a lawsuit last week against the company that purportedly took the animals away. According to Reuters, the suit claims at least 50 of the pets were beaten, drugged and then thrown to their deaths from the bridge.

The Orlando Sentinel's Animal Crazy blog posts here on the arrival in Orlando of a group of homeless dogs from Puerto Rico as part of "Operation Lifesaver," an anti-cruelty, animal welfare program sponsored by the SPCA of Central Florida and Amigo De Los Animales.

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Pat Deeds said...

This shows a true reflection on this society. This is inhumane and unjustified. I hope they prosecute these people to the fullest extent. The laws are not strict enough.