Monday, October 29, 2007

Police sergeant faces discipline over suspect's dog

The Miami Herald reports on the potential suspension of a police sergeant who took in and cared for a murder suspect's dog to keep the pet from being euthanized at the county shelter.
The Sergeant is appealing a three-day suspension. Her attorney is quoted as saying that the "entire investigation is a waste of resources. It is ridiculous because '[the sergeant] had no intention of doing anything but protecting the life of this animal."


Pat Deeds said...

I commend you for rescuing a innocient dog. You deserve a compassion award, too bad more police officers aren't like you. Thank you on behalf of the dog.

jbrun1_3 said...

Just like in the case of convicted murderer, Gary Hilton, it wasn't the dog's fault. There is no need to euthanize an innocent animal.

Why should this officer be punished for having a heart?

MRB said...

Life is to be cherished and society punishes those who take a life...the police officer was right to work to bring the perp to justice and to save an innocent life... Reward the sergeant, don't penalize..