Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Palm Beach County studying mandatory sterilization for pets

A pet overpopulation crisis has Palm Beach County considering the adoption of mandatory spaying and neutering of pets, according to an article in the Sun-Sentinel. Although county officials expect that the measure, if adopted, would be controversial, the article notes that animal control officers put to death 18,248 dogs and cats in Palm Beach County just last year. More than 75,000 animals have been killed during the past five years. The director of the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Department, Dianne Sauve, says that non-sterilization of pets is pervasive. said Assistant County Administrator Vincent Bonvento. Quoted from the article:
"For the most part, when we talk to people about sterilizing their animals, the typical answer, especially from men, is that they don't want their male dog neutered."

When it comes to female pets, county officials are often told, Sauve said, that people want their children to see a birth or that they will eventually get the pet sterilized.

"These animals represent a burden to the system," Sauve said of non-sterilized pets that reproduce, some of which are eventually impounded and often euthanized. "The vast majority of the animals show signs of repeated breeding. … It's just not acceptable to have unsterilized animals running loose."

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Barnara Harnden said...

This law will only help the animals that are owned by people, This does nothing for the ferral cats. If you look and see how many ferral cats were killed im sure they were higher. you cant take 1 thing and correct a problem when it will take many to get the job done right.