Saturday, October 13, 2007

California cities permitted to ban cat declawing

How Appealing posts here on a ruling by the California Supreme Court that allowed West Hollywood to ban cat declawing. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Supreme Court denied review of a lower court appellate decision finding that West Hollywood had the authority to create such ordinances and that more cities may enact such ordinances. Cat declawing removes not only the cat's claw but also part or all of the last bone and connecting tendons and ligaments on a cat's paw. The Humane Society of the United States has additional information on declawing here.

The West Hollywood ordinance states that the "mere convenience (of declawing) to the pet's guardian does not justify the unnecessary pain, anguish and permanent disability caused (to) the animal." The lower court's opinion starts with the quote:
Echoing Gandhi's teaching that a society's moral progress is best judged by its treatment of animals, the City of West Hollywood has banned as cruel and inhumane the practice of animal declawing unless necessary for a therapeutic purpose. (footnote omitted)

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