Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seventh Circuit case spells end to U.S. horse meat industry

How Appealing posts here and here about Friday's decision out of the Seventh Circuit that dissolves an earlier injunction against the enforcement of an Illinois law aimed at ending the slaughter of horses for human consumption. The decision, authored by Judge Posner, is available at this link. Among the notable quotes:
  • "States have a legitimate interest in prolonging the lives of animals that their population happens to like."
  • "Of course Illinois could do much more for horses than it does—could establish old-age pastures for them, so that they would never be killed (except by a stray cougar), or provide them with free veterinary care. But it is permitted to balance its interest in horses’ welfare against the other interests of its (human) population; and it is also
    permitted to take one step at a time on a road toward the humane treatment of our fellow animals."
  • "There would be an uproar if restaurants in Chicago started serving cat and dog steaks, even though millions of stray cats and dogs are euthanized in animal shelters."
As an aside, the legal gossip blog above the law also notes the unusual fact that the opinion includes the picture above from a Seattle Times story on the use of horse meat at zoos. The picture is of a lion eating a birthday "cake" made of horse meat, whipped cream, and a carrot... Even the lion looks a bit skeptical.

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