Monday, September 17, 2007

Florida Supreme Court hears arguments in slots case

The Florida Supreme Court held oral arguments this morning in a case involving the 2004 voter initiative that allowed slot machines at certain greyhound racing facilities in South Florida. The issue before the Court involved whether it was appropriate to have a trial on the legality of the signatures that were gathered in support of placing the initiative on the ballot. According to this story in the Houston Chronicle, the opponents of the measure allege that some signatures are from dead people, pets and voters who now deny signing.

In addition to Floridians Against Expanded Gambling, the Respondents on the case included the Humane Society of the United States and Grey2K, U.S.A., Inc., a nationwide organization dedicated to protecting greyhounds and ending greyhound racing. The link to the video from the oral argument isn't up yet, but the Answer Brief of the Respondents is available here and the Petitioner's initial brief is available here. The en banc decision below that certified questions to the Florida Supreme Court came from the First District Court of Appeal and is available at this link.

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