Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Animal testing, Pete Singer, and other random thoughts

As noted in the previous post, I'm out and about on vacation with limited Internet access, so I've brought a number of books I optimistically will be reading. One of the books in the stack is the 1993 update of Pete Singer's classic Animal Liberation. Always a controversial subject, I'm currently reading the chapter on animal testing. This made several news items I spotted today all the more interesting. First, over at the Orlando Sentinel's animal blog, there was this post on the testing done by pet food companies. It referenced a longer article that appeared in the Sunday NY Times' Magazine, which is available here. Finally, was this article from the UK who was honored for developing methods that reduce the number of animals that are needed in experiments. One of the points Singer makes in his book is that the U.S. is behind the curve in adopting new cost-effective methods that in many cases are superior to animal testing.

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