Thursday, August 2, 2007

Protecting People and Their Pets

Almost a year old, but new to me, was this episode of NPR's Justice Talking program on protecting pets. Always interesting, this particular program features segments from law professor David Favre from Michigan State University's College of law, and many other venerable guests. It's available for download as an mp3 as well.

MORE: I may have sold the episode of JT (which is always worth listening to no matter what the topic) a little short by mentioning that it was from a year ago. There's a great debate between Laura Brown from PETA and Ledy VanKavage from the ASPCA on the merits of breed bans. Given the glut of dog fighting stories to hit the news as of late, the debate about the effectiveness of breed bans is still very timely. Also, there's an interview with Geordie Duckler who heads The Animal Law Practice, a private law practice in Portland, Oregon. JT mentions that it's "one of handful" of animal law boutique firms around the country.

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