Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One in Seven Imported Animal Species Pose a Potential Risk to United States

In an earlier post, I'd noted Florida's implementation of new more stringent laws regarding keeping exotic species. Apparently, the new law's not a moment too soon. A report out this month from Defenders of Wildlife has found that nearly one in seven non-native animal species that are legally imported into the United States pose a potential a risk to native wildlife, human health or domestic animals. Moreover, some species could pose multiple risks.

Several animals that have been introduced to Florida are mentioned as bringing along the problems associated with invasive species, including macaques, suckermouth catfish, and the great green tree frog. The report also identifies the threat posed to the Everglades by invasive Burmese Pythons. , now thought to number more than 1000. The full 56 page report is well worth the read and is available here as a pdf. An accompanying press release is also available here.


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