Saturday, August 11, 2007

Florida's Pet Lemon Law

Floridians who purchase pets should be aware of section 828.29, Florida Statutes, aka Florida's Pet Lemon law. Among its provisions are requirements that dogs and cats offered for sale must be tested for and vaccinated against certain diseases and parasites by a veterinarian. Additionally, the pets must be accompanied by a certificate showing that such tests and vaccinations were done. As long as the newly purchased pet is examined by a veterinarian within the appropriate statutory time frame, a consumer may have the right to return or exchange the animal, or keep the animal and receive reimbursement for veterinary services. Moreover, consumers who feel they've been wronged by a pet dealer should fill out and submit a complaint form (Word doc) to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services' Division of Animal Industry.

Unfortunately, a bill designed to strengthen the law in this year's legislative session fell short, but hopefully it will show up again next year.

More available here and here.


Samara said...

Do you know what kind of conditions are generally considered applicable to deem an animal unfit for sale. I purchased a dog from a breeder with a very sound breeding program. There were no genetic defects going back 6 generations in her pedigree. This puppy has extremely severe allergies that have not been ameliorated with a combination of antihistamines and a maximum dose of prednisone. She's been on these for almost three months and has had a rash break into an infection needing antibiotics three times during that time as well. At this rate she risks developing a resistance to antibiotics which wouldn't be good for anyone. I have not brought up the conversation of "lemon law" with the breeder yet because I want to believe we will find a reasonable combination of medicines that won't be prohibitively expensive--and I don't want to cause unnecessary animosity with a woman I would otherwise not hold any hostility toward. The way I see it allergies don't constitute an unfit dog in most cases. However, her case is severe and unresponsive to treatment. The alternative drug to the prednisone has some pretty serious potential side effects as well and I'm reluctant to try it. I am starting to lose hope with the situation, but I'm wary about the most reasonable way to approach the situation. I would appreciate any insight you might have.

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