Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today Is Florida Animal Preparedness Day

The State of Florida has designated July 31, 2007 as Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. The State estimates that 52 percent for Florida households include animals and that 25% of these caregivers refuse to evacuate without their pets, potentially jeopardizing public safety and hampering disaster relief efforts. Moreover, animals left behind during a disaster can become injured, ill or die.

In addition to finding out where to go if evacuation is necessary, a good pet plan will include rounding up the following items (via www.haveahurricaneplan.com):

Proper ID collar and rabies tag / license*
Carrier or cage
Ample food supply (at least two weeks)
Water / food bowls
Any necessary medication(s)
Specific care instructions
Newspaper, cat litter, scoop, plastic trash bags for handling waste
Proper ID on all belongings
Non-electrical can opener
Documenting and making sure your pets have had all their shots within the past 12 months.

More available via the Tallahassee Democrat here.

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