Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Florida lawyers are flocking to the field of animal law.

Back in May, over at Florida Trend's website there was a detailed story ( link here - free subscription required, but worth it for this story alone) about the burgeoning field of Animal Law in Florida. Excerpts below:

Interest in the field has surged in the United States in recent years, says Joyce Tischler, founding director of the California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund. In 2000, she says, there were nine animal-law courses offered in law schools around the nation, one journal devoted to the topic and no state Bar committees. Today there are 80 courses, including at Florida Coastal School of Law, Florida State University, Nova Southeastern, St. Thomas University, the University of Florida and the University of Miami. Three legal journals and two case-law textbooks cover the field. And 12 state Bar associations, including Florida's, have formed committees devoted to animal law.

"Most people you ask will tell you they love their pets like a member of the family," says Jennifer Dietz of Ullman, Bursa, Hoffman & Ragano in Tampa, chairwoman of the Florida Bar's Animal Law Committee, formed in 2003. "The law seems to be following society's evolving ideas about animals and how they're treated."

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