Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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Francine Rhodes said...

I had pneumonia and congestive heart failure. My kidneys were starting to shut down. I took care of my mother who had dementia. I asked for months for someone to help me but even her family wouldn't help. Finally I had to call an ambulance. Someone from animal protection showed up before the ambulance did. They took all of my animals because they say I abandoned them. Yes my house smelled because I was too sick to take care of it. I was charged with seven counts of animal abandonment. If I abused my animals moms dog wouldn't have been at least 15 or 16 and my bird wouldn't have made it to 12 years. They were not even taken to the vet. They told several untruths to the judge. I was not allowed to tell the truth. My house was messy because I couldn't breath good enough to clean. My life was taken away because I got sick. That was over a year ago. Ive never been in trouble for anything.I can't take much more. What do I do?